What makes Nova Spring Water different from the rest?

  • Our bottles are made from PET, a very safe, inert polymer that does not leach out any toxic chemicals into the water.
  • No products containing Bisphenol A (BPA) or phthalate plasticisers are used in the production of our packaging.
  • Our bottles are fully recyclable, just crush them down after use and put them in the recycle bin.
  • They are single use, guaranteeing the Cleanliness, Safety and Taste of our water every time.
  • Our bottles use 60% less plastic than the equivalent 24 x 600ml bottled water normally purchased.
  • Our water is pure spring water from the Central Coast Highlands of NSW. Nevertheless, we put it through a 5-stage filtration /sterilisation process to guarantee it is 100% safe to drink.
  • We filter our water 100 times finer than the industry standard. Down to 0.01 Microns. Smaller than any bacteria.
  • Most others use Ozone to disinfect their water, which can leave a bad taste in the water. We use Ultra Violet Light which leaves the water tasting clean and fresh.
  • Most other companies buy their bottles, which are mainly made from Soft drink grade P.E.T. This type of P.E.T. contains a high level of Acetaldehydes which can create a bad taste in the water. domain keywords . Because we make our own bottles, we use water grade P.E.T. for our bottles, containing a very low level of Acetaldehydes, and therefore retaining the crisp and fresh taste of our water.
  • We welcome customers to visit our shop and discuss their requirements before purchasing.
  • We work actively with the local community to promote the message of healthy water and a healthy lifestyle.

We believe we are unique in Australia – visit us and check us out.

Australia Owned & Operated
Food Challenge Awards
Sustainable Manufacturing Awards
5 Stars Rating