100% Recyclable & less Plastic Used


All Nova Springwater is packaged in Single Use, 100% Recyclable, PET Bottles. Our bottles use 60% less plastic per litre than most water bottles in the market. As a result of our innovative and environmentally friendly packaging, Nova Springwater was also recognised as a finalist in the Sustainable Manufacturing category of the 2011 Australian Food Challenge award

Lower Carbon Footprint & Less Water used in the Manufacturing Process

Unlike the majority of Australian bottled water companies, we manufacture our own bottles at our Mount Druitt bottling plant. This means that no fuel is used, and zero CO2 is emitted in transporting bottles from their place of manufacture to the bottling plant – Our bottles are manufactured on site.

This has another environmental advantage. Bottles which are stored and purchased off site, and transported to the bottling plant must be washed before filling, using up and wasting water in the process. Our bottles do not have the risk of contamination in the transportation and storage process, as they are filled on the same site upon which they are manufactured. Therefore using much less water in the process.

Australia Owned & Operated
Food Challenge Awards
Sustainable Manufacturing Awards
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