Nova spring water was founded by Nitin Lotliker in 2006 and commenced production in April 2007. It is based at the foot of the Blue Mountains in Penrith NSW with a bottling plant & warehouse at Mount Druitt, and is an Australian owned and operated company

Nitin has a vast amount of experience in packaging design and polymers working with the likes of Southcorp and Sabic in the past – in particular with packaging made using PET.

He recognised there was a gap in the bulk bottled water dispenser market for a single use bottle to replace the industry standard blue polycarbonate bottles used widely around the world. From that, the concept of Nova spring water was born.

We make and fill environmentally safe bottles with clean, healthy, natural spring water whilst at the same time building up a close relationship with those we view the most important – our customers and the local community.

We offer a wide range of Bottled Water products in sizes such as 350ml, 600ml, 1.5 Litre and 12 Litre which are available through a range of stores, supermarkets and service stations.

As we are packaging experts, we offer Contract Bottling, labelling, and packaging, customised to suit our customer’s needs both within Australia and internationally.

Australia Owned & Operated
Food Challenge Awards
Sustainable Manufacturing Awards
5 Stars Rating
BPA Free